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Kihncert Cover Contest Details & Rules:

The Kihncert Cover Contest is a way for fans to show their Kihncert spirit! Enter to win prizes ranging from mini-posters to a guitar autographed by all of the bands playing at this years Kihncert! All you need to do is record a video of yourself covering a song by one of the bands playing on the Kihncert Main Stage, upload the video to Youtube, then post the video on the Kihncert Facebook page!

No need to stick to the standard acoustic guitar cover(unless you really want to), get creative! We want to see your musical talent and creativity. Got a cover of Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy” that you play on the piano? Show us what you’ve got! Enter to see if you have what it takes to win that grand prize!


-Must be a fan of the Kihncert Facebook page. Meaning click the “Like” button!

-Only one entry per person(or group). Make it count!

-No groups larger than 2 people.

-You must cover a song from any of the Main Stage Artists!

-No electronic versions of covers(you or your partner in crime must play an instrument in the video), no playing along to the original song(just wear headphones if you need to).

-No spamming the Kihncert Fb page! Post your link one time only to enter the contest! You can share the video as many times as you want on your personal page or your friends page, just not the Kihncert page! AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION IF VIOLATED!

-Do not use an automatic viewing site to increase views on your video! If your video goes viral and gets 100,000 views over night we will know and be able to tell the difference between a real viral video and someone who is cheating using an automatic viewing site! AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION IF VIOLATED!

-No bad-mouthing or trolling each others videos! This is a fun competition and we should encourage creativity in each other, not discourage it! IF A PARTICIPANT VIOLATES THIS RULE AN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

-You must enter the same day that you upload your video to youtube! No old videos of songs you’ve already covered and uploaded! If you’ve done a cover of any of these songs we’re sure you can do it again!


Winners are determined by how popular the video is! Videos with the most Views and Likes are our winners. That simple! 

-Last rule but definitely an important one, be creative!


STEP 1 – This is the most important step, “Like” the Kihncert Facebook page!

STEP 2 – Record a video of yourself covering a song by any of the artists on the Kihncert Main Stage.

STEP 3 – Upload your cover to Youtube.

STEP 4 – Post the video on the Kihncert Facebook.

STEP 5 – Share your video your friends and family!


Winners will be announced on Friday October 11th on the Kihncert Facebook page, day before the show!

ENTRY PRIZE – To show our appreciation to the Kihncert fans entering this contest everyone who enters will receive a Kihncert mini-poster the day of the concert!

3rd PRIZE WINNER – Our 3rd prize winner will receive a Soundcheck Party Package! This will get you 2 tickets to Kihncert(if you entered the contest with a group of 2 this will get both of you into the show; if you entered the competition solo, bring a friend!), a Preferred Parking Pass, Two Souvenir Laminates, early entry into the venue, Soundcheck party lunch, and access to Greg’s Soundcheck!

2nd PRIZE WINNER – Our 2nd Prize winner will also receive everything in the Soundcheck Party Package, as well as an invitation to the Official VIP After Party w/Kihncert Artists.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER – Our Grand Prize winner will receive everything that the 2nd & 3rd prize winners get, as well as an Autographed Guitar signed by all of the Kihncert Artists!

Rules & Details subject to change.

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